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  • Spencer van Vloten

Age Is Just A Number, Except For These Things In BC

Are you a young person who wants a tattoo? Want to vote in an upcoming election, do some gambling at the casino, or get a job?

Here are some age requirements you should pay attention to. Note that maximum ages are much less common, owing in part to the perception that these would be ageist and potential human rights violations.

There's no maximum driving age for example, though when someone turns 80 they must have a medical examination report completed by a physician and reapply for a license every two years.

Minimum ages in BC

  • Age of majority (adulthood): 19

  • Age you can drive: 16

  • Age you can fly: 17 to obtain a private pilot license; 18 for commercial

  • Age you can operate a personal watercraft: 16

  • Age you can work: 14 with parental permission; 16 no permission required

  • Age you can vote: 18

  • Age you can get a credit card: 19

  • Age you donate blood: 17

  • Age of consent: 16

  • Age of marriage: 16-18 with parental permission; 19 no permission required

  • Age you can own a firearm: 18

  • Age you can join the RCMP: 19, though you can start training at 18

  • Age you can join the military: 17 with parental permission; 18 no permission required

  • Age you can drink, smoke, or gamble: 19

  • Age you can stay home alone: no specific law, but 12 is the guideline

  • Age you can get a tattoo or piecing: no specific law, though the Ministry of Health suggests that studios should get parental permission for minors


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-Spencer van Vloten


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