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Vancouver Newcomer Resources

Housing Resorces


Apply for a PR Card or Canadian Citizenship

Information on how to get a permanent resident card or Canadian citizenship

Affiliation of Multicultural Societies and Service Agencies of BC

Offers services to support settlement, language and diversity service providers



This app gives newcomers free access to 1,400 cultural and outdoor experiences

Chimo Community Services

Assists recent immigrants and PR/citizenship applicants with meeting a variety of settlement-related needs.

Citizenship Test Preparation

Learn what's on the citizenship test and prepare with these resources. You can also find an online practice tests here and here. 

Community Airport Newcomers Network

Facilitates the pre-settlement and integration of all new immigrants arriving in Canada through the Vancouver International Airport

Culture Chats

Promotes cultural diversity through engagement with literary and other arts among local communities

Help with Government Services 

Get help with provincial government services through Service BC, and federal government

services through Service Canada


Interim Federal Health Program 

Covers certain pre-departure medical services for refugees coming to Canada. This coverage includes assistive devices, medical supplies, and equipment, such as mobility aids, orthopedic and prosthetic equipment, and hearing aids. 


Immigrant Services Society

Provides free immigrant services including settlement support, housing, employment programs, English classes, and more

International Credential Evaluation Service

Compares education earned outside of Canada to the general education ladder in Canada; the reports offer a general comparability of the years and levels of study.

Kinbrace Refugee Housing and Support

Welcomes refugee claimants with housing, education, and support

Migrant Worker Hub

A hub of resources and tools to enhance the knowledge and capacity of individuals, employers, unions, professional associations and other organizations supporting migrant workers in BC



Addresses issues affecting immigrants and refugees in the course of their settlement into Canadian society. Employment, language, counselling, children and family, and more.

Multicultural Helping House

Provides a range of services to newcomers of all ages, helping them settle into their lives in Canada

Multilingual Legal Services

Personalized legal help to clients in English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Punjabi, Hindi, and French


Newcomer Guide to Vancouver

Features stories shared by newcomers and long-time residents, and highlights resources on a wide range of topics, from getting around the city to obtaining information about key services to finding volunteer opportunities

Newcomer Services

A tool to help you find nearby newcomer services


Information to help newcomers settle in BC

Nisa Homes 

A safe home for women, focusing on newcomer and Muslim women

Pacific Immigrant Resources Society

Support newcomer women in breaking through language barriers, accessing information, meeting material needs, and overcoming social isolation

Progressive Intercultural Community Services Society

Help people find and maintain employment. Services are available to all unemployed or precariously employed BC citizens legally eligible to work in the province

Rainbow Refugee

Provides support, information, and system navigation to LGBTQ refugees and refugee claimants seeking refugee status in Canada

Sher Vancouver

Provides support through education and outreach to South Asian members of the LGBTQ+ community

Skilled Immigrant Info Centre

Helps newcomers find jobs, explore careers, or start a business

Vancouver School Board: Newcomer Welcome Centre

Provides support services and resources for newcomers

Welcome BC

Helps newcomers navigate life in BC

YMCA Immigrant Services

Offers various programs for newcomers, including language clubs, employment training, Canadian citizen preparation, fitness groups, and more

Frequently Asked Questions


Where do I get help for a PR card issue?

  • The office of the Member of Parliament for your area can provide support around this issue. You can find your MP here.​


What resources are there to help my prepare for my citizenship test?

  • Neighbourhood houses, community organizations for immigrants, and libraries offer programs and resources to help your prepare. You can also find an online practice tests here and here.

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