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BC Disability was started to address an issue I noted in BC's disability community: the fact that information, resources, and discussions are segmented and siloed based on type of disability and age.


The website serves as a place to find a consolidated list of resources for persons with disabilities and their allies, and covers disability news from BC and nationwide, including features on disability organizations and advocates. 

We also have an active social media community, with nearly 20,000 members.

The more I got involved in volunteering over the years, the more impressed I became with the amazing contributions people across the province were making to their communities.


Wanting to capture this, I started You & Me BC. The website features stories about changemakers and community issues from around BC, as well as the province's history.


Two of our most popular series are Amazing Animals, which features cool critters from around the province, and Serving You, which features interviews with public representatives from across BC.

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